Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Please read these terms and conditions ("Agreement" or "Terms of Use") carefully before using the website and services offered by 100Store Limited (“100store.co.uk”). The Agreement sets out the legally binding terms and conditions for your use of 100store.co.uk (the "Site") and all services provided by the Site.


By using the Site in any manner, including but not limited to visiting or browsing the Site, you (the "customers/buyer", "brand/seller" or “user”) agree to be bound by this Agreement, including the additional policies. This Agreement applies to all users of the Site, including without limitation users who are brands/sellers, customers/buyers, merchants, contributors of content, information and other materials or services on the Site.


1.0 100store.co.uk Is A Platform



100store.co.uk acts as a platform to allow customers to connect with brands by purchasing their Items via the Site. The purpose of 100store.co.uk is to facilitate the transactions between customers and brands.


This is performed by sending the customer’s order details and payment directly to the brand. Which will only be done after the brand has confirmed the product is in stock and they are able to ship to the customers address. As a result, once the order details and payment have been sent to the brand(s), 100store.co.uk has no control over the delivery/shipping, returns/refunds, or quality of any aspect of the items listed.


You agree that 100store.co.uk is a platform and as such is not responsible or liable for delivery/shipping of items, returns/refunds and any content; for example, data, text, information, graphics, images, photographs, items, and links posted as such details are obtained from the brands websites.


2.0 Shipping and Delivery



100store.co.uk uses a standard shipping option price of £4 for The UK and a standard international shipping option price of £10 for shipping outside of The UK.



100store.co.uk is not liable or responsible for any part of the shipping and delivery process. Shipping and delivery policies and time frame will vary depending on the brand(s) whose Item(s) have been purchased.




Items purchased on the Site will be shipped directly by the selected brand(s) whose Item(s) have been purchased, to the nominated address given by the Customer in the checkout process.



In the event that, due to sudden and temporary unavailability of the Item(s), 100store.co.uk shall promptly inform the Customer within thirty (30) days via e-mail.  The amount paid by the Customer shall be refunded by the Site as quickly as possible if the Item is not in stock by the selected brand(s) whose Item(s) have been ordered.



100store.co.uk can not guarantee that every brand on the website can ship orders outside of The UK. If a Customer purchases an Item from a brand that does not ship outside of The UK, the Customer will receive a full refund from 100store.co.uk.



Once payment and the order details have been passed on to the brand, the brand is responsible for shipping up to the point of delivery and completing the transaction with the Customer within 20 days, unless there is an exceptional circumstance, such as: the brand cannot ship to the Customers address.



3.0 Returns/Refunds and cancellations



If the customer would like to return, refund or cancel their order, please contact info@100store.co.uk and we will pass the request to the brand(s). 100store.co.uk is happy to provide the Customer with the brand(s) contact email or link to contact form page. 100store.co.uk will aid the Customer in the process as much as possible if they would like to return or cancel their order.



100store.co.uk wishes to guarantee the complete satisfaction of the Customer. Once the order details and payment have been passed on to the selected brand(s) by the Site; all returns/refunds and cancellations of orders are the sole responsibility of the selected brand(s) whose Item(s) have been purchased.



100store.co.uk is not liable or responsible for any part of returns/refunds and cancellations once the order details and payment have been passed on to the selected brand(s). The Customer must adhere to the returns/refunds and cancellations policy of the selected brand(s) whose Item(s) have been purchased.



100store.co.uk reserves the right to retain percentage made once the order details and payment have been passed on to the selected brand(s), and is not liable to return any monies to the selected brand(s) if the Customer would like to return, refund or cancel the order once the order details and payment have been passed on to the selected brand(s).



100store.co.uk is not responsible in the event of the Customer missing the order. In this event all disputes are between the selected brand(s) and the Customer.



4.0 Product Availability



All the items are subject to the availability at the time of the order.


100store.co.uk reserves the right to vary at any time the quantity and/or the type of products that may be purchased on the Site. The Customer will be informed if the Item requested is not available.



5.0 Pricing



All prices on the Site are stated in GBP for the UK they include any VAT and applicable taxes. The prices are not comprehensive of the shipping and delivery charges.



100store.co.uk tries to ensure that all pricing information on the Site is accurate, but cannot guarantee the absolute absence of error. In the event that an error in the price of an Item shall occur, 100store.co.uk will allow the Customer the option to confirm the purchase of the Item at the correct price or to cancel the order. If 100store.co.uk is unable to contact the customer the order will be treated as cancelled.



6.0 Ordering a Product



The details and the price of the Item are detailed in the single page of each Item listed on the Site.



To purchase the chosen Item the Customer shall add the Item to the "shopping bag". The Customer shall then choose to their preferred checkout option and enter their details.



Shall the Customer need to amend or modify the data inserted in the order placed, the Customer shall follow the proper procedure for the amending of the order as indicated in the Site before submitting the order. Moreover the Customer may amend or modify the number of Items he/she wishes to purchase, adding or deleting one or more Items from the shopping bag.



7.0 Purchase Agreement



The purchase agreement entered by and between 100store.co.uk and the Customer shall be considered completed and duly entered by the Parties at the time in which the order is duly submitted by the Customer - in accordance with the purchase procedure indicated on the Site and after that 100store.co.uk has received the authorization from the credit card issuer that the payment is accepted.


The order submitted by the Customer shall be binding for 100store.co.uk and the selected brands whose Item/s have been purchased by the Customer. Only if the entire purchase procedure has been duly and correctly completed without error and without any detection of error by the site. 100store.co.uk is not responsible for any eventual errors caused by the technical malfunctioning of the Customer’s internet connection service.



By submitting the order to 100store.co.uk the Customer acknowledges and states that he/she has reviewed and accepted all the indications provided in the purchasing procedure and he/she entirely accepts the present Terms and Conditions.



The online order form will be stored in the Sites database and passed on to the selected brands whose Item(s) have been purchased for the time necessary for the fulfillment of the order.



100store.co.uk will send to the Customer an e-mail confirming the receipt of the order placed by the Customer and any special provisions that may apply to the agreement; a summary of the Item(s) ordered; the details of the items purchased; the time and date of the purchase; the formalities and the timing for the return of the Items, the payment modality chosen by the Customer, the prices of the Item(s), the shipping expenses.


The Customer shall immediately verify the content of the e-mail and shall immediately notify 100store.co.uk of any error or other mistake.



8.0 Site Content



100store.co.uk does not claim ownership rights of a brands Content. You grant 100store.co.uk a license solely to enable 100store.co.uk to use any information or Content that is obtained from your website so that 100store.co.uk is not violating any rights you might have over that Content. You grant 100store.co.uk a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, right to exercise the copyright, publicity, and database rights you have over the Content, in any media now known or not currently known, with respect to your Content. You agree to allow 100store.co.uk to store or re-format your Content on 100store.co.uk and display your Content on 100store.co.uk in any way as 100store.co.uk chooses.



As part of the order details, brands may obtain personal information, including email address and shipping information, from 100store.co.uk. This personal information shall only be used for that order or for 100store.co.uk related communications. 100store.co.uk has not granted you a license to use the information for unsolicited commercial messages. You are not licensed to add any 100store.co.uk users to your email or physical mail list. For more information, see 100store.co.uk Privacy Policy.



By allowing 100store.co.uk to use your images on the Site, you agree that 100store.co.uk has the right to use your images to promote 100store.co.uk and/or your brand in any external press/social media, as well as across the Site.

Images used on the Site are those of the brands and listed by 100store.co.uk. 100store.co.uk claims no ownership of images and is not liable to any copyright infringements for the use of the images on the Site.




Re-Using Content: By having your Content on 100store.co.uk, it is possible for an outside website or a third party to re-use that Content. You agree to hold 100store.co.uk harmless of any dispute concerning this use.



9.0 Disputes



Should you have a dispute with one or more users, you release 100store.co.uk (and its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees) from any and all claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.



For the benefit of users, 100store.co.uk may try to help users resolve disputes. 100store.co.uk does so in its sole discretion, and it has no obligation to resolve disputes between users or between users and outside parties. To the extent that 100store.co.uk attempts to resolve a dispute it will do so in good faith based solely on its this agreement and its policies. 100store.co.uk will not make judgments regarding legal issues or claims and all disputes relating to financial transactions, will ultimately be decided by PayPal.



10 Indemnity




You agree to indemnify and hold 100store.co.uk and (as applicable) 100store.co.uk subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable legal fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of this agreement or the documents it incorporates by reference, or your breach of any law or the rights of a third party.



11 Independent



You and 100store.co.uk are independent businesses, and no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchiser-franchisee relationship is intended or created by this Agreement.



12 Modifications



100store.co.uk reserves the right to modify or terminate the 100store.co.uk service for any reason, without notice, at any time. 100store.co.uk reserves the right to alter these Terms And Conditions or other Site policies at any time, so please review the policies frequently. If 100store.co.uk makes a material change 100store.co.uk will notify you here, by email, by means of a notice on our home page, or other places 100store.co.uk deems appropriate. What constitutes a "material change" will be determined at 100store.co.uk sole discretion, in good faith, and using common sense and reasonable judgment.



13 Service



Brands that join 100store.co.uk pay a monthly subscription fee. 100store.co.uk also receives a percentage of the basket value when a sale is made. The remaining payment and order details are sent directly to the brand. It is then the brands responsibility to handle all shipping and returns/refunds with the Customer, in accordance to the brands own shipping and returns policy. 100store.co.uk fees are subject to change. By increase or decrease to the fees for services, effective after 100store.co.uk provides you with at least thirty (30) days' notice by posting the changes on the Site or via email.



Brands are free to use the service for as little or as long as they desire. In the event of a brand wishing to no longer be on the Site, they must provide 100store.co.uk with at least one (1) days notice via email to info@100store.co.uk



Brands may choose what Items are listed on the Site and can have an unlimited amount of Items listed on the Site. 100store.co.uk reserves the right not to list or remove any Items at 100store.co.uk sole discretion at any time.



It is the brands duty to inform 100store.co.uk if they are no longer selling a particular Item, which is still listed on the Site, or if the brand has run out of stock of a particular Item.